7 Great Homemade Ways to Clean Denture Stains

Dentures fixed your smile then just as days passed it started to show stains. Do you know how to fix this? Unless you use an effective remedy denture stain won’t be removed.
Denture Wearers may not be able to flare their toothy smiles again.

 Here are 7 effective home remedies to beam your close up smile again:


Credit: Glow Wellness/ Glow/ Getty Images

  1. Bleach and water

Hold on did the name just scared you? But this is one effective solution that will destroy all the bacteria in the denture. The bleach destroys the bacteria and germs and whitens the teeth.

  1. Vinegar

The vinegar solution is one of the effective cleansers that can be used for stain removal. The acetic acidic vinegar has proved to be effective in cleaning tartar.

Using vinegar for stain removal has proved to be the best bleaching solution. You can find bottles of distilled white vinegar for relatively low price at most of the grocery. Soak the denture in the solution overnight for best results.

  1. Salt

Add a tinge of salt to baking soda and use the mixture instead of commercial toothpaste while brushing. Slowly you can notice that the stains got removed.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

Make a paste for yourself every night and immerse your denture in it to remove the stains. Use 40% of hydrogen peroxide and 60% of water. This comes around as if you are using 2 cups of the mixture then you will need 4/5 cup of hydrogen peroxide and  1 1/5 cup of distilled water.

Submerge your denture in this fluid, and rinse every part of your dentures around.

Try to swirl the fluid through them, for better result let the denture stay in the glass about 15 minutes.

  1. Orange peel

An orange peel is an effective way to remove surface stains. Just like orange peels lemon peels have the similar effect due to its high acid content.

Scrub the denture to whiten it.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera plays the significant role to clean your denture, clean it by using twice a day.

  1. Soda bicarbonate

You can mix bicarbonate of soda with the little amount of water and soak your dentures in that. Cleanse your denture with warm water after removing them from the mixture.

Try out these home remedies and dissolve the stains. Flaunt your spotless smile and your happiness with others.


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