A Broken Tooth Can be Very Painful, Here are 5 Temporary Fixes

Dental emergencies are uncalled. People get baffled during such situations, but it’s better to know how to deal with them. Imagine if your tooth gets chipped or breaks while playing a sport, wouldn’t it cause you a lot of pain? A dentist might not be available all the time, therefore, you must have an idea about how to fix the problem temporarily.

temporarily curing a broken tooth

There are ways of temporarily curing a broken tooth and we have spoken about the same in this write-up.

Don’t Eat or Drink Anything Extremely Hot or Cold: If a tooth breaks, the nerve inside it gets damaged and when that happens, it causes discomfort. Thus, you should not have anything too cold or hot until and unless the tooth gets completely healed. It could be a little difficult for you to stay away from your morning coffee or tea, but avoiding it for a while can be beneficial for you.

Take a Glass of Lukewarm Water and Rinse: Practicing this could get you a lot if relief. However, do not forget to add a pinch of salt to the lukewarm water to feel better. It could diminish the level of discomfort to some extent.

Use a Cold Pack: Get a cold pack and place it on the side of your cheek where the pain has occurred. Keep it for some time to feel the difference. Store ice packs, they are really helpful during dental emergencies.

Don’t Drink Alcohol: Alcohol is not only harmful for our body, but it also affects our mouth. Completely avoid alcohol if your tooth is chipped or broken, also give up on tobacco to get rid of dental problems.

Do Not Scrape: The sharp edge of the tooth, which is broken can hurt your tongue, it can even lead to bleeding. You might feel like scraping the edge to get rid of the discomfort, but that could lead to another problem. So, it’s better not to do scrape the tooth without a dental consultancy.

Apply Clove Oil: Clove oil is a great remedy to lessen the pain caused by a broken tooth. Apply it on the affected area to alleviate the discomfort.

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