Is Crown Restoration Causing You Gum Pain? These 5 Measures Could Help

Crown Restoration

A successful crown restoration might have brought you peace right after the completion of the process but the later phase may have been a little difficult. A lot of people have said that they started feeling an uneasy sensation around their gums after getting a crown fixed. This is not bizarre because it happens quite often. The gum pain can definitely disappear but a few mandatory measures should be taken to put a full stop to it.

Rinsing, the Basic Step: Gargling with salted hot water has been the ultimate solution of gum aches since ages. So, take a glass full of water and dilute salt in it and then gargle. Make sure to do it at least three times in a day.

Apply Ointments: Ask your dentist to prescribe you an ointment to apply to your gums, it will diminish the pain and get you some relief. You can also go for Anbesol as it reduces both gum and toothaches.

Use Hot Water Bags: Place a hot water bag on the area of your cheek where the gum pain has taken place. This will help in receding the pain.

Ice Bags For Diminishing Swelling: Along with an unbearable pain, your gums can also get swollen after a crown restoration. Hence, use an ice bag to heal the swollen area, it will help for sure.

A Right Diet: Eating well has always helped people to recover from several diseases. Following the right diet will not only heal your gums but would also fetch you an overall healthy mouth. Eat a lot of greens such as peas and broccoli and drink at least a glass of milk every day.

Stop Chewing or Smoking Tobacco Completely: Tobacco harms the mouth in every other way. And you should completely stop smoking or chewing it if you are suffering from gum pain due to crown restoration.

Change Your Toothbrush Immediately: The bristles of your toothbrush could be hard and this might be the reason for gum ache and not the newly restored crown. So, buy a soft bristle toothbrush from the market and ditch your old one.

See Your Dentist: The gum pain might not settle down despite following all the mentioned remedies. Then, in that case, you need to see your dentist who fixed the crown for you. There might be a flaw in the placement or something might have gone wrong. He will surely look after that.

Both our teeth and gums are quite sensitive and need a lot of care. It is your responsibility to keep them healthy by doing a lot of research on it and following simple steps. Talk to us today to get more guidance. Call at (214) 643-8146 to schedule an appointment.


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