Smoking Can Ruin Your Dental Health Completely, Quit it Before Facing Consequences

It’s a known fact that tobacco sabotages our body in innumerable ways and it does not even spare our oral health. You could be addicted to smoking, but have you thought of the amount of damage it is causing to your mouth? Right from periodontal disease to oral cancer, you might go through some of the most major health issues because of smoking.

Quit Smoking

Today, we will discuss how smoking or tobacco can be extremely harmful to your mouth and why you should quit it right away. Hopefully, this write-up will urge you to give up on it.

The Emergence of Foul Breath: Bad breath is something which everyone detests because stinking of a foul smell while talking is not appreciated by anyone. Smoking is one of the major reasons behind its emergence. The smoke particles are left in your throat and lungs and its smell remains there. Constant inhaling of hot gases will dry out your palate and parch your tongue and gums.

Gives Rise to Oral Thrush: You might feel relaxed after lighting your cigarette, but what if your smoking habit leads to oral thrush which is a fungus infection that forms in the mouth? The mucous membrane of the mouth gets developed due to oral thrush and the creamy white lesions can appear regularly if you are a chain smoker.

Formation of Plaque and Tartar: This is one of the most common problems caused due to smoking tobacco. The plaque gets gathered around the gum line and later it forms into tartar. It makes your teeth look discolored and patchy. So, quit smoking before your teeth turn into something like this.

The Teeth Start to Decay: Bacteria is bound to take place if you smoke frequently or on a regular basis. It will gradually start affecting your teeth and leave them decayed. You must be aware of how painful a decayed tooth can be as it does not let you live in peace. Eating also becomes a huge problem due to it.

Gums Get Highly Affected: We did mention about periodontal disease at the beginning of this write-up. And now let us tell you that smoking can weaken the gum tissues which can cause tooth loss. The bones that support the teeth also start wearing off when the condition of periodontal disease escalates.

Remember that flourishing in life would be much easier if your health remains intact. Therefore, it is solely your responsibility to look after it. Call us at (214) 643-8146  today get tips on how to develop your oral hygiene.


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