If you Care your Smile then Beware of Symptoms of Tooth Decay

When fortune Turns against You. Even JELLY breaks Your TEETH

Did you see the cankerous effect in your teeth? Or did you just discover that your enamel is covered by hardest substance? Then it’s time to worry. If you leave it untreated then tooth will increase the rate of sensitivity to hotness and cold and will lead to a severe problem.


Signs to show that your tooth is eroding:

Discoloration– Did you see that your teeth are turning yellow in color, it’s time to worry. Yellow teeth can appear when dentin gets exposed due to poor maintenance of oral hygiene or if you have the habit of consuming tobacco or any other product.

Tooth sensitivity– If you find that your teeth can feel the temperature of the food, you are in trouble. You can term this as “sensitive teeth”. Dentin is not as hard as enamel; hence it is prone to decay.

Transparent or weathered appearance- This generally does not happen but if you can see that your front tooth is transparent in nature then your tooth has already started to erode away. The depression is a sign that the enamel is starting to succumb to erosion; the transparency is a function of both thinning of the enamel and yellowness of the primary dentin.

Rounded look– The ridges of the enamel wears away, leaving a rounded like surface which is sharper like canines and incisors and will appear round in nature, as the enamel wears away across the parts of the tooth most usually in contact with food.

What if your tooth gets prone to extreme erosion?

In that cases certain advanced symptoms may start to appear:

Cracked tooth-If your tooth starts to crack you can well understand this as your mouth will start to feel the roughness. Bacteria in the mouth starts to infect which will start to penetrate the tooth, leading problems ranging from cavities to fundamental decay of the tooth.

Extreme sensitivity– Since the enamel has started to wear off, it increases tooth sensitivity. If your tooth is affected by temperatures, then the pain will be sharp and will linger for long period of time.

Dents –Little dents like substance can appear in your teeth, especially in the biting areas of the teeth. Dent marks will show where your enamel has eroded.

How to care for your teeth?

  • Apply fluoride gel, or use paste which has fluoride in it. This will not only strengthen your enamel but at the same time will resist the growth of plague.
  • Dentist can use local anesthesia to remove caries in your mouth
  • If your pulp gets affected, root canal treatment is needed.
  • Partial denture, bridge or implant can fix the damage and helps to restore the tooth.

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