Has Tooth Extraction Left You with a Swollen Face? Here’s What You Can Do

A painful tooth is never meant to be ignored, we always opt for extraction if a root canal or a filling fails to work. You certainly get rid of the unwanted tooth after it is pulled out but what about its aftermath?

Swollen face after tooth extraction

Your face may get swollen after the extraction but that remains only for a while. Few common tips are listed here, which can reduce or heal the swelling. These are helpful and quite effectual.

Maintain a Proper Sleeping Position: Do not sleep sideways after a tooth extraction surgery. Try to keep your head elevated rather and don’t move much. The pain or the swelling may escalate if you turn around and sleep.

Wash Your Mouth Every Hour: This remedy is generally used for curing most dental issues. Rinse your mouth with warm salted water every hour after 48 hours of the extraction. This will reduce down the pain and the swelling to zero.

The Utilization of Ice Packs: Always keep ice packs handy for dental emergencies as they are extremely useful during such situations. Place it on the area where the swelling has emerged and keep it for some time, it will start working after a while.

Brush Carefully: You should unquestionably brush twice a day but do it very carefully after your tooth extraction surgery. Do not even let the bristles touch the surgical site until the swelling heals as it may make the condition worse.

Don’t Use a Staw: Always keep yourself hydrated after a tooth extraction because it keeps half of the problems away. Therefore, another way to cure the swelling is the intake of fluids but make sure not to use a straw for at least 5 days after the extraction.

Don’t Smoke for 72 Hours: Smoking itself is extremely bad for your mouth and your overall body and you should strictly avoid it for 72 hours after the tooth extraction. This may trigger some other issue and curing the swollen part might seem to be difficult.

Include Soft Food Items in Your Diet: Would you even feel like eating a burger or a steak after a tooth extraction surgery? You won’t right? Hence, only add soft food items to your diet after the procedure, you just need to follow it for the first few days to keep away the swelling. After that, you are free to eat whatever you want to.

The aftermath of tooth extraction is not just swelling, thus, it’s very important to be cautious after the surgery. Reach out to us at (214) 643-8146 and know how to take care of your mouth after a tooth extraction procedure. Book an appointment today.


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