4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dentist During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should visit dentist clinic: know why is it so?

Mothers are the best caregiver, so before their baby comes up they not only take care of the baby but at the same time it is necessary to take care of the dental health. Everything can be done at home but dentist provides you with the best remedies with which you can take care of the upcoming baby.

Village Family Dental is encouraging all would-be mothers to take care of their dental health, as it very precious for them as well as for the babies.

Often it is found that pregnant women are affected by gum diseases and oral infections, this can cause due to rise in hormone level and resulting in swelling of gums and at the same time traps all the bacteria in the orifice to aggravate the rate of damage in the mouth.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy can affect mouth and make the condition worse; this can in turn affect the fetus inside the womb.

1.   40% of women are affected by gingivitis during their pregnancy, Symptoms like swollen gums and other gum diseases can be noticed in the mother.

Progesterone gets increase during pregnancy, thereby increasing bacteria, and the tissues becomes so sensitive that it is sensitive to plague and make the situation irksome.
Don’t skip professional cleaning, if you see any signs and symptoms of this. Maintain oral habits by brushing and flossing to check it.

2.  Do you knowing that during the stage of pregnancy, you are prone to cavities. During morning the acidic element gets increased in the mouth, this can slowly decay your teeth.

You should not skip brushing and flossing habits as poor habits can increase poor habits associated with premature delivery.

3.  If you are pregnant and having dental caries, and possibly ignoring the fact then you are in a way risking the oral health of your child. The child after the birth will undergo early tooth decay.

4.  “Pregnancy tumor” is quiet common which is visible in the gums, generally in the second trimester. The appearance is like raspberries and it is so delicate that blood oozes out from the swelling area easily.

Dentist follows several medications to reduce the pain and fix it back in normal shape and size.

Facts you need to know if you are pregnant

  1. During first trimester, the fetus is predisposed to grow their organs. But if the mother is under medical exposure then the baby will get affected by medicines, chemicals, alcohol and tobacco.
  2. In the third trimester mother’s uterus exert large amount of pressure in the large blood vessel called inferior vena cava; resulting in the decrease of blood circulation. 8% of the pregnant women are prone to light headedness.
  3. Urgent dental treatment should not get delayed. Examples of imperative dental problems include a broken tooth; an infection can cause pain and other dental problems.
  4. Avoid X-rays during pregnancy; if the situation becomes like this then you need to do it, then dentist will take certain preventive measures to protect your baby. Dentist will cover with lead apron that will minimize the risk of the mother.
  5. Dental office will help to cover your throat and with leaded collar to protect your throat from thyroid radiation.

Give the best smile to your baby and welcome with all love and warmth. Best wishes and if you face any sorts of problem you are free to call @214-643-8146.


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