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Clear Correct Braces the name seems apt, just like its function. Not only the users are satisfied but also it boosts up your confidence. It is perfect and easy to use. This kind of braces works like a magic wand and gives you every reason to smile.

Braces are kind of brackets which remains linked with wires to encourage the movement of teeth. This can be Clear Correct, Inman Aligner and Smart Moves.

Clear Correct braces are plastic shells that are placed over the surface of the teeth. It creates a set of plastic aligners that moves the teeth from the given position to the desired position, step by step. Every week dentist changes the aligners until the teeth get completely fixed.

Let’s see how it works

It is used to straighten teeth, and is clear and custom made. It involves new set of aligners which are worn after three week period. This phase require control and elasticity.

These are worn except while eating and drinking, or while you brush and floss your teeth. This is made keeping in mind the aesthetics value, and are barely noticeable.

After you wear this set of aligners, periodic checkups are needed, so that dentist can keep the track of the progress of aligners.

If your teeth is distorted or is crowded, or maybe you are having uneven gaps between teeth, then clear correct braces are worn instead of metal aligners. It is comfortable and do not cause irritation inside the mouth. The success rate of this is high over any other braces. The average treatment of this is at least for one year.

Duration of the treatment

The aligners should be worn at least for 22 hours. But while brushing and eating you can remove this.

What you need to know?

Records including photographs, impressions, and radiographs are required to make custom aligners; these are later on send by the dentist to ClearCorrect lab, where an exact 3-D model of the teeth is made. Dentist checks the position of the teeth and what’s need to be fixed.

The entire set up is automated, so that after the treatment is done you can see the entire procedure. This is the most digitalized technology and used in formation of mold.

Clear Correct braces can help to benefit both adults and teenagers:

  • The soft aligners trays are comfortable than the traditional once.
  • Hard metal brackets are not available and hence it does not poke inside the mouth.
  • Removable trays can be taken out when you are eating and drinking, this will stop food particles to remain stuck over there.
  • As the trays are clear, it is not visible in the opaque eyes.

Do you need to wear a retainer after that?

To thwart relapse, doctors sometimes asks the patient to wear retainers. This is clear in color and is suitable for the users.

ClearCorrect braces were established in 2006 and it became famous selling products throughout the United States. So now, you can display your smile without wavering a second though. Talk to dentist for further knowledge regarding this and do not hesitate to call us for appointment.

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