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All you know about fastbraces

This is new technology that been used in a wide range nowadays. The pace of this treatment is comparatively lower than traditional braces. This has become the most widespread technology running through almost 50 countries at a stretch.

It helps to straighten teeth which are crooked and distorted, spaced apart or gapped. It uprights the root of the teeth from the beginning of treatment by using one square wire to fix the distortion


Treatment time with FASTBRACES CLASSICALTM SERRIESTM for non-surgical comprehensive orthodontic therapy will take 120 days.  Whereas with FASTBRACES TURBOTM SERIESTM the healing time depends on the mutual aid of the patient and doctor.

The FASTBRACES technology helps those who run out of time and want to get back in normal lifestyle within a span of few days. Original FASTBRACES CLASSICAL SERIES is used mostly. Company has never compromised with the quality whether it is TURBO or CLASSICAL SERIES.

How does it work?

You need to understand the basic difference between the conventional braces and this one. Here the cohorts are anchored to the teeth. Here the brackets are triangular unlike the traditional ones where the brackets are squares in nature and teeth move in multiple stages.

Spaces between these brackets are comparatively less than which fix the teeth in its position quickly.  Near about five lakh people have benefitted from this.

The wire that is use in this technique is lithe and gives teeth its space to move freely.

It deals with single wire unlike old braces and makes the user feel comfortable in mouth.

Fastbraces is required in places like:

Spacing- When adjacent teeth shift the original position due to extraction, an additional space is created. These gaps led to deeper pockets and other problems in the gum.

Open bite– This led to speech damage and causes problem while chewing. An open bite occurs when the front teeth do not contact with the opposing teeth.

Over bite–  When upper teeth stick out over the lower teeth it leads underdevelopment of alveolar and skeletal bone which further results in joint problems in the lower jaw.

Crossbite – If you’re lower and upper arch are misaligned then you tend to bite inside the lower teeth and hence causing teeth and bone loss.

Benefits of fast braces:

  • It is cost effective in nature.
  • The process is user friendly than any other braces.
  • Teeth get straightened within weeks and you don’t have to wait for months in this.
  • It is wonderful gift of science and art, with the most innovative design keeping in mind the needs of the user. It does not make abrasive in the surrounding gum.
  • Users have reported the comfort level is more and adjustment needs to be made is minimum. These results in lowering risk of getting cavities, swelling, and soreness and another factor that we can count on statistically resorption gets condensed, which is the natural process that takes place in the mouth.

Candidates who opt for this process can fix an appointment with dentist and straighten their teeth within few days. Win other heart with great smile.

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