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Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common dental practices done all across the world. But, most of the mass fail to realize that it is a serious surgery and demands proper care aftercare. Here at the Village Family Dental, we believe that a patient requires to be attended to even after the treatment process for him/her to witness great results. Lacking knowledge about the aftercare tips will definitely make that impossible to happen. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a blog that will cover all the information related to this topic. So, why wait anymore? Go through the sections below. 

What should you do after the wisdom tooth extraction?

Here are a few things to do right after getting your wisdom tooth removed at a dental clinic. Go through them and incorporate them into your life when in need.

  • Do tilt your head up. This will reduce the chances of swelling and help you eliminate the probability of facing serious discomfort.
  • Applying ice on your face for 24-48 hours after the wisdom tooth removal can also lessen pain and swelling.
  • You need to know that bleeding is pretty common in the case of wisdom tooth removal. But, you should panic in such a situation. On the other hand, use a gauge and keep biting it down. This can be of effective help to stop bleeding. 
  • Dentists recommend eating liquid or soft food items for the first few days of undergoing the wisdom tooth extraction session. You can start eating your regular diet after the wound starts to heal.
  • Doing a few jaw exercises on a regular basis can be of great help. These exercises mostly include opening and closing of the mouth. 
  • Drink an adequate amount of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • You should be very careful to follow the instructions prescribed by your dentist. Do take the medications on time. Not doing so can be the reason for intolerable pain. 
  • “Maintaining proper oral hygiene” stands important for all situations. The times after wisdom tooth removal is no exception. Do brush your teeth the day after the tooth gets extracted. But, you should avoid the area of wisdom tooth extraction.
  • If you feel that the situations are getting worse, do consult a dentist without any hesitation. 

What should you not do after wisdom tooth extraction?

Now, you have gained an idea about what to do after the process of wisdom tooth extraction, it is necessary to know about the steps to avoid. Go through the pointers below.

  • The first thing to avoid after getting your teeth extracted is giving up on the habit of smoking. Never use a straw to eat food. It is also advisable to not either spit or suck. Keeping this thing in mind will lessen the chances of not facing extreme pain and bleeding.
  • Do not eat hard food items for at least 7 days. These food items include potato chips, pretzel, popcorns, etc.
  • You should never wash your mouth in a very vigorous manner. On the other hand, you can use salt water to rinse your mouth. 
  • You should not apply ice packs after a span of 48 hours. It is recommended that apply mild heat on your face and the top of the wounds. 

We hope that this information turns helpful for you. In case of any further questions, do consult a dentist. Talking to a dental professional in person will provide you with the answer to all questions. Get in touch with Village Family Dental if you are looking for the best wisdom tooth extraction service in Dallas, TX. Thank you. 

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