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We all wish to get a youthful appearance, ain’t we? That is why Botox is here for you! 

What actually is Botox? Well, this therapy has something to do with smoothing fine lines or wrinkles. Botox is in fact, considered a cosmetic dental practice. Presently, Dental Botox uses are soaring high. 

Nowadays, maximum of us get these from a plastic surgeon or similar professional. But who is the apt professional to tackle a treatment like this? Of course, a Dentist! A dentist is an expert in oral and maxillofacial health and hence you can receive the best treatment. 

Benefits of Dental Botox

It gives you relief from—

  • Headache because of muscle tension in the head, face, and neck or TMJ Syndrome
  • Bruxism 
  • Migraines
  • Gummy smiles due to the excessive gum tissue
  • Upside-down smiles (as it takes more muscles to frown than to smile)
  • Lip lines and puckered chins
  • Lines and wrinkles. They disappear with Dental Botox. Because it paralyzes the muscles of that particular portion and smoothens it.

Why prefer a dentist for Botox? 

  • Dentists who have the experience, have years of professional history. They have expertise in muscles and facial architecture. Dentists can handle the delicate systems of tissue, nerves, and muscles in your mouth and face. 
  • Dentists are thoroughly familiar with providing injections for anesthesia.  And they only require further specialization to learn the apt methods for giving Botox treatment and aftercare. You can just achieve more accurate and natural-looking results than other Botox providers. 
  • Botox and dermal fillers aren’t entirely dental methods. But dentists are in a perfect position to master this skill-set and render this therapy! 
  • What’s more? Well, your dentist already knows your medical history, allergies, and your overall health status. For this, they can easily offer you advice and address your special requirements.
  • Your dentist is professional trained in oral health. Hence he/she is your perfect ally in helping you create a confident smile safely and comfortably. 

Receiving Your Injection 

Dental Botox is a simple injection. This injection gives you little pain. It is delivered in combination with sterile saline to the targeted muscles in your face. The dentist will inject it into sites that are giving you trouble. 

He/she will give you advice for the next 24 hours which includes–

  • Don’t lie down for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid sun exposure, exercises, and facials.
  • Stay away from make-ups.
  • Keep your skin clean and free from sweat, dirt, or other stuff.

Am I a candidate for Botox? 

  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not opt for a Botox injection. 
  • Don’t get an injection if you are suffering from a bacterial or viral infection. 
  • Avoid Botox if you have sleep apnea or dermatitis on your face. 

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