Get Back Your Lost Smile With Dentures

Dentures are a great alternative way for missing teeth. They are generally artificial teeth and consist of nylon, acrylic, or metal. 

 When you have lost all your teeth, your facial muscles seem saggy. You may look aged because of this. Dentures are here to fulfill your gap and restore your smile and offer protection to your other teeth. This aids you to eat, chew or speak again naturally.

 Common kinds of dentures:

  •  Complete (Full) Dentures – If you’re missing all of your teeth then you can go for this option. Your dentist places it on top of your gums and anchors it to existing teeth. The dentist generally installs them within 8-12 weeks after the teeth removal.
  • Partial Dentures — If you still have some natural teeth left in your upper and lower jaw then just opt for this. You will find a pink-colored base connected to a metal piece. These two pieces firmly support your denture inside the mouth. They are simply removable. This means you can easily pull them out at any time.
  • Immediate dentures – Your dentist usually installs immediate dentures on the same date the tooth extraction has been done.

 Treatment Process

The process usually takes some weeks and appointments. 

  • Your dentist or prosthodontic first decides what kind of dentures suits your requirements. 
  • He/she takes a few impressions of your jaw along with the measurements. 
  • Accordingly, the dentist creates models, wax forms, or plastic patterns to get the correct shape and position. 
  • Now you have to try this model many times to check and verify for color, shape, and fit. 
  • The final dentures are then built and your dentist places them in your mouth. 

Also, do visit the dentist’s office whenever adjustments are needed.

Care for Your Dentures

We all know that our mouths are fully loaded with bacteria. Therefore, you ought to clean your artificial teeth daily as well. 

  • Brush at least twice daily 
  • You can use liquids to clean, of course with a doctor’s advice 
  • Handle your Dentures very carefully to expand their durability 
  • Never bend the dentures while you clean 
  • Avoid damaging the clips while brushing or cleaning. 
  • Soak your dentures while you go to bed and make sure they do not dry out. 
  • The dentist may recommend you to stay away from particular foods and drinks.         

Our Dentist in Dallas will provide you the best Dentures and treatment. You will never regret it! Thank you.


3 Tips To Help You Take Proper Care Of Your Dentures

Dental dentures are removable false teeth made up of acrylic, nylon, or metal. They fit firmly over the gums in order to replace the missing teeth and eliminate the oral issues caused by the gaps. As per the users, a denture not only improves the appearance of the face but also help maintain the structure of the mouth by providing a firm support to the areas around the cheeks and lips.

If you are missing a tooth or a set of teeth, then worry not. Just start using dental dentures and see the magic flow! However, you must not forget to take proper care of your dentures so that you can derive the maximum utility.

Listed below are three tips that can help you take proper care of your dental dentures

  1. Clean Your Dentures After Every Meal Though it is not possible to whiten the dentures as that of natural teeth, yet it can be a very effective way to increase the longevity. To minimize staining, you should clean your dentures after every meal. It helps remove food particles and disease-causing bacteria, especially plaque. Cleaning the dentures with a denture brush is a good option. You can try using a soft toothbrush for this purpose. Another exciting way to clean the dentures is to use dental cleansers. But, you should make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Do Not Brush Your Dentures Using Normal ToothpasteToothpaste is designed to be used on natural teeth, and not on dentures. They contain minerals and chemicals that help strengthen and whiten natural teeth but can harm the dentures, which are mostly made up of plastic. Though the plastic is strong, yet it is not as hard as the enamel of natural teeth. This is the reason why you should always use dishwashing liquid and a special denture brush while washing. Also, you must not forget to soak your dentures in a water-based cleaning solution overnight after washing it.
  3. Repair Broken Dentures Broken dentures can lead to a wide array of oral issues. It is due to this reason; you must consult your prosthodontist soon after you find a broken or cracked denture. At first, it may seem easy to fix, but you should never try it on your own, rather you must visit a professional to get the job done. With their years of experience, they will repair your denture with utmost ease. They also check and adjust the dental denture as per the measurements of your jaw after the repair work is completed.

Dental dentures can really give you a comfortable life if you take proper care. And if you fail to do so, you may start facing severe oral issues. Therefore, if you are a resident of Dallas, United States, then our expert dentists can definitely help you out.

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