A dental abscess occurs when the pulp in the teeth which is composed of nerves, blood vessels and tissues get infected and the infection emerges due to debris and dead white blood cells.
It is a pocket of pus that takes place within the tooth and extends to its root tip. An unhealthy mouth can not only trigger dental issues, but also other health problems, likewise, a dental abscess can also have an impact on your overall health.

Here’s How Dental Abscess Can Have an Effect on Your General Health

Any dental disease which is severe could affect your general health and a dental abscess can turn out to be something extremely serious if kept untreated. The infection could have its impact on other parts of your body.

    • A dental abscess can cause bacterial endocarditis which means the infection enters the bloodstream to reach the heart lining. Thus, a dental abscess can have a huge impact on your heart.
    • The dental disease can even give rise to brain abscess by spreading the infection through the blood vessels so that it reaches the brain.
    • Sinus infection emerges when the cavities near the nasal passages become swollen and lead to an excruciating pain. And a dental abscess could be the reason behind sinus infection as well.
    • A dental abscess can even be the cause of Osteomyelitis which causes inflamed bones. This can take place if the infection of a dental abscess spreads to the nearby bones. The indications could be nausea, immense pain in the bones or hip, night sweats, fatigue, chills and fever.
    • A severe dental abscess can also trigger Ludwig’s angina which takes place on the floor of the mouth. It can develop rapidly and its symptoms could be bilateral lower facial oedema, posterior displacement of the tongue, painful neck swelling, general malaise and fever.
    • If the condition of a dental abscess elevates, it can even cause breathing problems and could make swallowing difficult for you.

Here’s How A Dental Abscess Can Be Prevented

Following a proper oral hygiene will restrain your tooth from getting decayed which will further restrict the occurrence of a dental abscess. Follow these steps to prevent a dental abscess.

    • Religiously brush and floss twice in a day.
    • Clean your tongue every day.
    • Replace your toothbrush after every two to three months.
    • Cut down on your intake of acidic foods and beverages.
    • Don’t skip your dental visits.

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