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Dental sealants are protective coatings that are applied on the chewing surfaces of newly erupted permanent teeth in your infant. How do you think you would ask us to put sealants on your child’s teeth? You need your reasoning, right? Below are four significant reasons why they are one of the best things you can do to keep your child’s oral health going:

Dental sealants prevent cavities from forming in small grooves on the teeth surface

Sure, these areas can be brushed but do you know that not one toothbrush bristle can ever penetrate a typical groove and clean acidic bacteria? Your child can effectively brush their teeth by sealing it off, and avoid cavities from targeting areas that are impossible to reach for the tooth brush.

These are among the most successful and preventive dental procedures available to children

In addition to using fluoride, teeth sealants may significantly reduce the likelihood that your child can develop cavities in very common areas. Most kids develop cavities in the grooves and pits of these back teeth and a sealant will prevent that perfectly.

Sealants are inexpensive

Some insurance providers will cover dental sealants before your child is 14. However, even if the policy is not going to cover it for any reason, the expense is typically less than most of the other dental procedures that your child will go through.

Sealants are simple and feel natural

Placing a tooth sealant is a very simple process , which requires no injections or drilling. The tooth is easily conditioned and rubbed to apply the sealant material, then healed with an ultraviolet light. The technique is so relaxed that your child will not even know the difference when applying a sealant or while brushing his or her teeth.

It doesn’t take long at all to get sealants put at Village Family Dental. It actually takes only about 5 minutes per tooth to complete. These may be put at a quick sealant appointment or at your child’s regular preventive care appointment. Village Family Dental and the ADA suggest putting sealants on the first and second set of molars in your infant, which are the permanent molars that erupt around 6 and 12 years old. Therefore, to get the best dentist for dental sealants in Duncanville TX for your kid, click here.

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