It is a known fact that you might miss cleaning 35% of the surface of your tooth if you avoid flossing. A lot of people don’t consider flossing a mandatory dental habit due to which, the trapped food particles remain stuck in between the teeth and trigger several dental problems with time. Brushing alone won’t be effective enough because flossing is an extremely important part of your oral routine.

We have spoken about the significance of flossing in this write-up today. Let’s understand how the dental habit can be beneficial if done every day

  • The dental plaque which gets accumulated near or around your gum line can easily convert into tartar which might get quite difficult to remove. But, regular flossing will prevent the emergence of plaque by eliminating the trapped debris. Plaque is one of the main causes of gum disease which can lead to inflammation, bleeding, receding gums, tooth loss and other severe dental conditions. You can prevent such severe oral diseases by flossing every day.


  • The food particles which get trapped in between your teeth has bacteria which eventually lead to halitosis or bad breath. Not flossing on a regular basis can cause persistent bad breath.


  • The bristle of your toothbrush might not reach every corner of your mouth due to which your oral hygiene may remain incomplete. But when you slide a floss in between your teeth and move it upwards and downwards, it cleans the area thoroughly. Therefore, brushing alone might not be of any help.


  • An unhealthy mouth can easily lead to a decayed tooth. Hence, emphasize the importance of flossing. A throbbing toothache can be unbearable if the seriousness of the condition escalates. Thus, pay extra heed to your oral health.

Flossing and brushing twice in a day will definitely enhance your dental hygiene but, along with that, you must also scrape your tongue. Bacteria reside on your tongue as well and a thick coating may form on it if you avoid cleaning your tongue every day. Make sure not to scrape too hard, it may lead to bleeding or other discomforts.

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