Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal can seem to be a very painful procedure and most people are scared of it. However, advancements in the field of dentistry have made it possible to make these procedures practically painless. This procedure usually tackles your roots and cleans them effectively. Dentists recommend a root canal treatment as a last resort before potential tooth extraction. Are you scared of root canal treatments? Our dentists at Village Family Dental have got you covered.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the only option left if your teeth have been badly infected. Your dentist will do a deep cleaning of your teeth root. Following this step, the tooth is thoroughly disinfected to eliminate the risks of further damage. You might experience minor pain and inflammation after your root canal procedure. However, this will stay for a short time, and you will recover sooner than you can imagine.

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

A root canal treatment usually does not take more than an hour. Some clients are done in thirty minutes. It usually depends on the condition of your infected tooth. However, complicated conditions could take up to ninety minutes. Just two sittings with your favorite Duncanville Dentist and your root canal procedure is done!

Checklist To Prepare For Your Root Canal Treatment

Our dentists have compiled a list of tips that will help you to prepare for your root canal treatment. Let us take a look at them.

Have A Hearty Meal

An empty stomach is not good before a dental procedure. Eat before your treatment unless your dentist has specifically asked you not to do so. You will have difficulty eating after the treatment due to the effects of sedatives. Eating a hearty meal beforehand keeps you full and comfortable throughout the process.

Get Enough Rest

Proper sleep is essential before your treatment. A well-rested body heals faster. Get a good night’s sleep before your treatment and you are good to go.

Say No To Alcohol and Tobacco

Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages twenty-four hours before your treatment. The effects of tobacco can stop your anesthesia from working. Alcohol has also been known to cause a dry mouth making the treatment difficult to perform. Both of them can increase your recovery time and you must stay away from them at all costs.

Get Pain Medications

Consult your dentist and get pain medication if required. It will reduce the pain during the procedure and help you deal with the pain post-treatment. Just get it well before time so that you have nothing to worry about on the day of the procedure.

Talk To Your Dentist

Talk to your dental care professional and address all your concerns beforehand. Ask for the details of the treatment so that you have nothing to worry about. Discuss the medicines you might require after the procedure. Follow their directions thoroughly and ask for aftercare instructions as well. Your dentist is there to calm you down and give you the best experience possible. Prepare beforehand and fight dental pain with a root canal.

We hope you have better insight on how to prepare for your root canal. Looking for the best root canal treatment in Dallas, TX? Contact our dentist at Village Family Dental and get high-quality services today!

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