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Fluoride Treatment


How is fluoride associated with teeth?

Fluoride is a kind of mineral that we can get in from foods and water. Every day we eat food and in-take lots of minerals, but it soon gets lost away by two ways by demineralization and remineralization.

Minerals are lost from tooth’s surface when plague occurs in our teeth or gets affected by bacteria; it wears off the outer surface, enamel. Minerals like fluoride, calcium, phosphate are redeposited to the first layer. But too much of demineralization without enough redisposition of mineral can lead to decay of tooth.


Do You Know In What Forms Fluoride Can Be Available?

Fluoride can be available from the diet we eat everyday and also from fluoridated tooth pastes.

How Does Fluoride Help In Dental Treatment?

It can prevent tooth decay, by preventing any form of acid attacks, like plague bacteria and sugar formation in mouth. In children who all are under 5 years, fluoride becomes integrated in the formation of permanent teeth, making it complex for acids to demineralise the teeth.

Deminerizalition starts when your tooth starts getting affected by bacteria that we call as plague formation. The bacteria start feeding on sugar all other carbohydrates in mouth. The acidic elements starts dissolving in tooth enamels and in turn loss of enamel is balance d by remineralization, resulting in the deposition of mineral contains back into the saliva like fluoride, calcium, phosphate.

how does fluoride help in dental treatment

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Fluoride Treatment

If we swallow fluoride then fluoride contains are not added shortly in the blood stream. One can get fluoride contain through supplements, food and other sources, they gradually start flowing in to the bloodstream.

Tropical fluoride contains are applied directly into the teeth. This can be found through mouth rinses, toothpastes, and the best part of this is- it remains inside the mouth for hours.

Professional fluoride treatment is given in dental office. A gel is applied in the mouth for the formation of foam; the fluoride used for this treatment has more strength than others.

But if dentists want to give fluoride supplements then it is also available in supplements. This is mainly available for children who do not get much fluoride contain in their water.

How Professional Fluoride Treatment Is Done?

  • If anyone is in high risk of tooth decay, then this professional treatment can reduce the pain and solve your problem as well. It takes few minutes and is managed in the hands of experts.
  • At first it is applied by cotton pad or brush in the form of gel.
  • It is placed in the mouth at least for few minutes.
  • After it is done, do not eat or drink and let the teeth absorb the fluoride contain for 30 minutes. This helps in repairing microscopic carious areas.

One can go for this treatment for every 6 to 12 months, but if you are undergoing this then some added precautionary measures needs to taken into account like :

  • Rinse your mouth regularly.
  • If you are taking so0me other medicinal drugs then consult with your dentists.
  • Do not intake large amount of fluoride inside, if you do then call for doctor immediately.

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