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Dental cleaning is a process which incorporates “dental scaling and root planning”. It helps to remove bacteria and plague in the mouth and that sometimes becomes cankerous inside our gum. This sometimes results in swelling of the gum and the sensitive tissues also.

If the gum swells up, pockets form up in the gum, in which pus formation takes place, where plague breeds in. Overtime this hardens up to form tartar or calculus. So if think you want to leave it untreated then you can expect a tooth decay that will gradually degrade the supporting bone and tissues surrounding the particular teeth.

Gum diseases can lead into the formation of harmful bacteria that gradually slides into the blood stream damaging heart, having rheumatoid arthritis, cerebrovascular diseases. For women who are pregnant, gum diseases can be detrimental.

Gums are evaluated for color change, whether it is swelling or bleeding. Tooth is checked in for its sensitivity. X- Rays are done to see whether there is bone loss or not.


  • Depression pockets depth is measured and photos are taken in to track the growth.
  • The inflammated tissue remains normally susceptible, than the gum tissue which is partially anesthetized. Then the cleaning procedure follows step by step from upper arch to lower.
  • Antibiotic is applied to the gum so that it can fight with the infection and reduce swelling.
  • Dentist will prescribe proper method for clean so that bacteria do not recur in the gum again and again.
  • Before the process is done, photos are taken where dentist measure the gum line and also takes into consideration about the patients health like heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and if the patient has undergone strokes before.


This involves scrapping and smoothing the root surface, by doing this last piece of morsel will effortlessly come out. Gum tissues can more decisively reattach to the roots that are cleaned and smoothed.


Some parts of your teeth may sore and remain too much sensitive. Dentist may recommend you to take in warm water inside your mouth because this will let your pain set off.


Brushing and flossing needs to be done in a way so that it removes tartar and can prevent cavities inside the mouth; all you need to do is hold your brush at 45 degree angle and gently brush it with soft bristled toothbrush.

When your hygienist is doing deep cleaning then she is taking off all the dirt and bacteria from your mouth. When gum-pockets are cleaned which deepens up to 4-5mm and the teeth, dentist may apply adjunctive therapy which is local delivery antimicrobial or Arrestin. This is placing the medicine directly into the notch to fix the pain.

You must know that 85% of the populations are having some kind of diseases. So stop at the preliminary stage before it occurs in into something huge. Clean it deep, because for the best oral hygiene you need to keep the inner parts fresh and disease free.

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