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Dental Emergency

Knocked- Out Tooth

When a persons’ permanent or adult tooth falls off due to certain reason, they try to fix it back, but is it possible to place it between cheeks and gum? No right. All you need to do is to rush in to dentist.

​Abscessed Tooth

Dental abscess is relentless and the pain becomes too intense as pus formation takes place in the tooth which later on takes the shape of severe infections. Tooth sensitivity increases, and it keeps aching throughout the day. Lymph nodes are quite sensitive which likely affects the muscles in the face and cause swelling the pimple – like bump infects the teeth. This situation needs immediate dental care and take steps as soon as possible to reduce the pain.

Cross Section of an Abscessed Tooth

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Wrecked Filling

A fractured discarded filling may cause discomfort and can cause pain. This leads open the sharp edges and if by any chance you bite your tongue, you can really have a bad cut. But in some cases studies have shown that this can lead to ulcers. Hypersensitivity can also arise when dentin gets exposed.

Broken Crown

Broken crown can cause tremendous pain; the consequences of crown become slacken counting high risk of ingestion. So if your crown gets loosened you need immediate replacement.

Dr. Paul with his patient

Broken Denture

If you have a fracture then denture will get affected and the ratio of fracture can be measured in ratio for both the arch 1:3.

Dental Implants Get Loosened

Dental implant always does not involve high risk but situations can arise when the implant can fall off. The failure occurs due to infection. A rupture or decementation of a post can occur due to the loosening of the abutment screw. It can only be handled by professionals.

You know your teeth best so whenever you start facing any of the above situations then call up the dentist and visit without further delay.

Dental emergencies can also occur due to certain factors, suppose you had fracture inside your mouth.

Now this can be of two types:

minor fractures on the tooth

Minor Fractures

If your mouth is having minor fractures then it can be corrected by dentist. For the time being painkiller may work to reduce swelling but visit as soon as possible.

moderate dental fractures

Moderate Fracture

Moderate fractures like if your enamel gets damaged and part of your pulp is on the verge of damaging, or the nerve tissues becomes sensitive. Dental emergency may arise. Injuries inside the mouth may comprise of avulsed or loosened teeth, which in a way can cause dental emergencies. These things need to be corrected by dentist so that the treat is permanent.

Here Are Some Points So That You Can Avoid Dental Emergencies

  • Wearing mouth guard can be safe, while you are partaking in any sports.
  • Do not chew popcorn kernel or any hard food debris this may break your teeth off.
  • Confer with your dentist if you have a periodontal disease, they can prescribe you with additional therapies.

Dental emergencies cannot be treated with causalities. You need to immediately visit dentist when this type of situation arises. Dentist in Duncanville has always been upfront to help you in any situation. So, fix an appointment with us.

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