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Dental Implants

Are you in dire need to save your teeth? If a dental implant is the only solution that restores your teeth then come to us. At Village family dental, Dr. Paul Hung we aim to provide the best dental implant service to the Dallas, Texas area. We are committed to personalizing, considerate care using the best technology and implant materials.

Advantages Of Dental Implants

  • Dental Implant-supported teeth have the full chewing power just as natural teeth.
  • It functions just like normal teeth. After surgery one cannot distinguish the difference between natural teeth and the one that has undergone implantation.
  • It restrains bone loss that occurs underneath the missing teeth in the gum. By preserving bone natural teeth is properly maintained and remains in good shape and size.
  • Implant-supported teeth remain nearby and prevents flexibility so that it can’t shift its position.
  • Improved speech- If the denture is ill-fitted, teeth can slip off inside the mouth causing disruption inside the mouth.

Procedure Of Dental Implants

Implantation is basically a surgical process made by the doctor in jawbone. Just when implantation is attached to your bone it forms a new “root” for the crown that acts as a replacement for the missing tooth. But for this process to undertake there should be enough bone in jaw. The bone has to be enough strong so that it can support this implantation. But if the patient doesn’t have enough of this then augmentation is required.


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Let’s See How This Works?

dental implant


basically consists of titanium which is placed in upper and lower jaw.

The Abutment

The abutment

consists of titanium, gold and porcelain. Implantation is done with screw, which helps to connect with crown. It looks like natural tooth that is cut in the shape to give the appearance of crown.

The Restoration

The restoration

crown is nothing but porcelain mixed with alloy, sometimes this can be metal or porcelain. The crown is screwed onto the abutment. If the crown remains attached to the abutment then it will be covered with curative material like tooth-colored ingredient.

Choosing New Artificial Teeth

After teeth abutment is done, The gum is left to heal at least for two to three week before new tooth is implanted. Once the gum gets healed impression is made of remaining parts of teeth.

The Process Of Implantation

This highly depends on many other factors. The shortest span for teeth implantation is for five months in lower jaw and six months in upper. The process includes surgeries which places the permanent crown. It last more than a year or the one who handles it.

During healing period the second step of implantation takes place, which includes new slit to expose this implantation. A cap like structure is used on the top to implant, which surrounds the tissues of gum to heal.survival rate is from 93 to 98 %.


A methodical way is adopted by the dentist,then gradually evalution is done:


Comprehensive Dental Exam

Dental X-rays are done, and models of teeth and mouth are pictured.


Treatment Plan

Taking into consideration of the fact the number of teeth needs to be replaced and the condition of the jawbone, whether it is weak or strong. This process includes a number of dental specialists (doctor, who has specialized in mouth, jaw and face)

The doctor takes into account whether the patient in-taking some other medications or having poor heart condition, in that case doctor gives some medication before surgery.

Sedation, local anesthesia is given to the patient to control pain. Dental specialist will instruct about eating and drinking so that teeth doesn’t gets affected.


Success Of Implants:

Depend on the health of the person whether they are able to receive the treatment or not, because forcefully doing may damage the tissues in the mouth. Arranging and fixing the number of implants is the key feature for keeping good dental health. The position of dental health is determined by the angle and the position of teeth lying in its adjacent.


Dental Implant May Require Bone Grafting

Surgeon may transplant a small structure of bone-either from upper or lower part of the jawbone-this gives a solid foundation. In case the jawbone is soft or thick then the teeth undergoes bone grafting. Because chewing exerts pressure in the gum and makes the bone expose, this leads to failure in surgery.


The surgery is mostly successful, in rare cases the surgery may fail if the bone fails to combine with the teeth. A patient may undergo swelling of gum or can have bruising of skin and may sometimes the gum can bleed.

Certain Facts About Dental Implants

  • Success rate is 98% .
  • It gives a natural appearance.
  • It is a permanent process unlike dentures. It does not require high maintenance.

Risks And Complications

Dental implants includes high level of risk too during operation, damaging of delicate tissues can result in maximum blood loss in the gum. But if the case is of healthy tissue loaded with right amount of biochemicals then the chances of survival rate is from 93 to 98 %.

Did you think tooth loss is permanent? Think again!

Preserve your jawbone and get a new teeth in a day. Come down to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Duncanville and other service areas including Dallas and Cedar Hill. Our Dentists are just one call away , feel free and comfortable to contact us at and schedule your day (972) 780-1919


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