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Dental Sealants

​Dentist May Recommend You Sealants: Want To Know Why?

Dental sealants are orthodontic treatment which protects the teeth from decaying, like you know front teeth have cingulum pits, back has fissure and teeth have indentation on their biting surface.

It is this tooth that is prone to decay early as when the food articles enter inside your mouth it gets stuck into it and normal brushing and flossing doesn’t help. This is kind of materials which are placed in the pits and the gaps, because it helps to reduce the damage in the children.

tooth colored dental sealants

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It is a thin, plastic, coating, placed on the chewing surface of the teeth, mainly in the molars and premolars; it gets firmly attached into the gums hence forming a protective shield over the enamel.

  • Teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Absorbent material is used and placed around the teeth, to clean the teeth; cotton pads are also applied at times to clean it.
  • An acidic solution is used to cover up the chewing surface which helps the sealant to bind the teeth.
  • The teeth are soaked and dried.
  • Then carefully it is dyed onto the enamel, so that hardens if the process gets a bit slow dentist uses a kind of cuing light to harden it.
sealant procedure


This is used to protect the teeth for at least ten years and if you face any problem in chipping and wearing then regular dental visit is required.

Benefits To Use Sealants

  • Everyone is susceptible to dental problem, be it having tooth decay or having deep depressions in the teeth.
  • It helps to prevent gathering of the food inside the gum, and reduces the formation of plague and tooth cavities.
  • It is a great form of precautionary maintenance before some great disaster pops up.
  • It is one of the most cost- effective methods to prevent cavities and as long as our teeth have this it remains protected from cavities. It is for the success rate through long years that the experience has been fair enough.

Let’s Take A Look Into The Different Types Of Sealants

Modern Sealants

Modern sealants

This is mainly made up with glass ionomer or resin based.


Resin based sealants

Is a kind of usually used based on the four generations like

First Generation

First generation

Placed with UV curing, then chemical curing, followed by visible light, and finally the one containing fluoride.

Glass Ionomer Sealants

Glass ionomer sealants

Bind both the enamel and the dentine after being cleaned with polyacrylic acid conditioner. The best thing about this it contains fluoride and less moisture containing elements.

Try using fluoride containing toothpaste so that it helps to protect all the surface of the teeth from cavities. So if you are facing depressions or any sort of problem then fix and appointment to know, more about sealants and get treated as well.

Various factors that can help to contribute to the retention of fissure sealants are as follows

One needs to check in thoroughly that whether the dentist is trained and skilled properly in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Good operative technique.
  • Sealants are not placed over the erupted teeth.
  • Salivate does not get mixed with the teeth.

Do you spend time excavating food from your teeth every now and then?

If you hate to keep your tongue busy trying to pull that thing stuck in your teeth, get dental sealants. With our tooth-colored sealants, you won't need to spend time exercising your tongue, too much!

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