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Sedation Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide

You Can Say Yes To N2O

Do you know that that Nitrous Oxide was first used in Hartford Connecticut in 1844? Dentist started using nitrous oxide though not 100% but it is mixed with oxygen.

This is safe and one of the most effective, sedative agents which when mixed with the oxygen and inhaled through a mask it relaxes patients at times.

You have all heard about “laughing gas” right? This is one of the best options one may use to make dentist more comfortable while undergoing certain treatment. The process goes like this, your sense organ like ear and other nose will remain active, u can feel what’s going around you, and then within short period of time he will ask you to smell nitrous oxide through your nose.

Soon you will have a sensation that your head is light in weight, whereas your limbs and arms may feel heavy than before. The effect remains till the mask remains.

Nitrous oxide is colorless and nearly odorless gas with a pale, sweet smell. It is one of the effective anxiolytic agent causing CNS depression and exhilaration which affects our respiratory system. It has multiple mechanism of action.

sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide

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Advantages Of Using Nitrous Oxide

  • Nitrous oxide sedation is very effective for patients who are having anxiety. The basic advantage of this it helps to relieve stress, fear, and anxiety. The fact that patients have or little memory of their dental treatment after sedation is done.
  • It not only reduces anxiety in patient but also pain, in order to control the mild pain this can be effective procedure, reducing the need for using local anesthesia.
  • This provides light sedation, means that patient can communicate with the dentist and also respond to the instructions.
  • If during regular dental visit, dentist finds out that you need sedation then on the next visit he will use nitrous oxide.
  • The depth of inhalation sedation can be adjusted any time by regulating the percentage of N20, this takes into consideration of the effect of arranging patient’s comfort and safety.
  • With oral sedation, which is sensitive to light, the duration of the treatment of patient is analyzed by the amount of sedative given. Here there is an advantage that patient can remain sedated as long as dentist wants to.
  • Patient does not need to be ushered.

Nitrous Oxide For Children

This is preferred as the best sedation method for children, for those who are anxious and nervous about the procedure. Some children may seem to be nauseated due to this.

Do You Know How Dentist Uses Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Nitrous oxide sedation is one of the safest tranquilizers that one can use. It speeds up the recovery timing. Let’s see how it is done.

In dentistry we do not insert a tube in the trachea of patients when using nitrous oxide sedation, neither the patient is paralyzed, so pre-=oxygenate is not done. But whereas some dentist suggests that 100% oxygen is required to determine the minute volume, which will help us to measure the amount of oxygen they breathe out every moment.

The number of breaths taken by the patients multiplied by the extension of each breath will give the exact number. Researchers have shown that it is 6 litres per minutes that comes out as 12 breaths per minutes.

Watching the patient breathe for 5 to 6 minutes slowly, dentist increases the volume of gas until the reservoir bag does not get totally empty. It is more proficient to turn the mixture that can give you exact sedation: 25% to 35%, nitrous oxide and 65% to 75% oxygen.

Dentist always takes care when patient are given this and has another staff to get accompanied by.

Every breath is precious, we take care of all your senses and the way you can feel the pain during operation. Contact us and fix your appointment with us. We have chosen you for good medical treatment and proper health.

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