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Pediatric dentistry

Care For Your Childs Teeth With Our Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentistry takes in the responsibility to deal with children as well as adolescents. Children may feel afraid by hearing the sound of drills around them. So if you think to visit pediatric dentist then choose wisely who has specialized treating small babies and infants.

Primary teeth for baby is the most defined stage, so initially that has to go under care and precaution. Pediatric dentist directs well how to brush and floss.

Children start growing their teeth in the early age, preferably at six years. But gradually when they start to reach seven or the baby teeth falls off, and they start to grow the permanent set of teeth.

Children have the greatest possibility to face tooth decay, due to negligence and having bad habits. This leads in the formation of caries in the teeth. Children need dentist service when certain emergency arises and urgent dental help is required, to get cure.

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Examine The Following:

  • Sudden oral pain, toothache that are caused under pressure.
  • Immediate tooth removal.
  • To repair sudden fractures in the teeth.
  • To control pain in the wisdom teeth.
  • Children who are wearing braces can face the prick and pain inside mouth.

Broken Teeth

It is not unusual for children to face the trouble. Because of their sporty nature they tend to behave incorrigibly, this may call for dentist help any time. Dental wax is applied on the sharp edges of the teeth so that surrounding tissues does not get cut.

Avulsed Teeth

If your tooth gets knocked out from the socket, then don’t throw it instead place it inside the socket after cleaning it with warm water. The avulsed teeth might get inside the stomach of the child.

Rigorous Toothache And Pressure

If someone is facing tooth pain, then it’s time to visit dentist, without delay. Because tooth pain at times becomes so extreme that it reaches ear.

Tooth Sensitivity

Children sometimes suffer from tooth pain and older children sometimes get attacked by cavities and plague which makes the teeth sensitive.

Lost And Loose Tooth Filling

If you lose tooth filling from time and again then, you need to fix appointment to strengthen enamel and relieve the pain.

Root Abscess

Pus formation takes place in the tooth. Periapical abscess is a bacterial growth gets infected in the soft pulp, resulting in the decay or extensive periodontal diseases.

Dr. Paul with a child patient

Worn Out Tooth Enamel

If someone has the habit of grinding then tooth enamel gets worn out. Not only this increases tooth sensitivity but also increases discomfiture.

Take A Note

If your baby has a habit of thumb sucking or using pacifier for long period of time then the child can build up certain issues:

  • Jaw misalignment– Using pacifiers can disfigure the correct alignment and hence the shape and size slowly gets indistinct.
  • Roof tapering- Prolong thumb sucking can make the roof of the teeth narrow and narrowing in shape.
  • Slanting teeth and mouth sore- Due to thumb sucking teeth tend to grow in slanting way, leading to poor esthetic results.

Pediatric dentist can ask the child to stop the habit, they know how to implement new ways to make them leave the habit; like wrapping thumb during night or gifting them with points and rewards.

A pediatric dentist will always take care of your teeth by giving you some important tips based on the condition. Parents should take care of child’s eating habit so that they should not eat sugary and starchy food much.

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