Preventive Dental Care Service In Duncanville, Dallas TX

Preventative Cleaning

Do You Care For Your Oral Health?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, we are all acquainted with this term right. One must visit dentist at least twice a year, to see their dental health. People who all practice good oral health like brushing and flossing at least after every meal.

​Dental Assessment

Regular assessment can help to diagnose your teeth before it proves to be hazardous for your health. In the beginning it is always good to diagnose than delay it for later because it becomes very expensive to repair for later use

  • Detecting tooth problem by doing X-rays.
  • Estimation of gum tissues.
  • Checking in the biting, and ingesting patterns.
  • Dentist takes in the review of the past history of the patients and if there is a case of pregnancy, diabetes then special care needs to be taken off.
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Get the smile of your dreams

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Preventive Service May Incorporate Certain Factors Like:

  • If your teeth are stained, and has become yellow or brown; dentist will take steps to remove those dentist at first.
  • Removing tartar and plague from the teeth.
  • Application of fluoride in teeth.
  • Sealants are used by children.
  • Teeth whitening, including crowns and fillings.
  • Cleaning and polishing partial dentures.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if your teeth are affected by cavities or decay then you have to visit dentist for proper treatment, because healthy teeth can give you brighter smile and wonderful day.

How Professional Cleaning Is Done?

Dental prophylaxis is performed by dentist, to protect gum from diseases and also tooth decay.

  • Plague is sticky that takes place in the mouth due to bacteria formation in the saliva; slowly it starts affecting teeth and gradually erodes it away.
  • Removing tartar which is visible above the gum line gets hardened in the surface of the tooth and becomes too difficult to remove.
  • Gradually he polishes and removes stains from the teeth.
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The Best Care Starts From Your Home
 We Are Here To Guide How It Is Done



Use soft bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth and clean the entire mouth. Rotate your brush in circular pattern at 45 degree angle to the gum line, and start pulsating the brush back and forth.



Take 12” to 18” of dental floss and wrap it round it around your finger. Pull the floss tightly and then use your thumb to slide gently between each set of teeth. Curve and move it round your gum line.



Rinse your mouth gradually possibly

after each meal.


Children who use sealants, helps to protect the surface of teeth from forming deep fissures. It is a kind of tough plastic used over the enamel. This is applied over the tooth so that a tooth does not decay or wear off easily.


X-rays allows diagnose that if someone is having cysts or cancerous tumors inside mouth. X- Ray is the best remedy that you can detect all your hidden problems. So if you have a life risking diseases then X-rays will alert from beforehand.

Are you all up for a healthy smile, then cooperate a little and follow the key steps to let go your fear. Dental sealants, cleanings, X-Rays or be it any other treating process, do it wisely to stop the recurring visit of your problem.

Did You Think Tooth Loss Is Permanent? Think Again!

With Preventive Dental Care you won’t need to ​worry about loosing your teeth. We recommend ​regular checkups and preventive measures as it can ​help you maintain good oral hygiene practices and keep oral problems at bay. Get started today with our Flexible financing options and affordable monthly payments.

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