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Root Canal

A Brief About Root Canal

Root canal makes their use noticeable when the teeth are affected by deep infection. The pulp inside the tooth becomes effected with bacteria because of internal damaged or cavity. If the tooth is left untreated, the infection can spread and may result in the complete removal of it.

​So If You Are Going Under Treatment, Here Are The Steps You Need To Follow:

  • Dentist uses local anesthesia to anesthetize the tooth. But the patient can feel that needle is going inside. After the teeth losses it sense, a dental dam is placed inside, this is basically a kind of small rubber that separates the tooth and keeps it clean and dry during the procedure.
  • During the process X- Rays are done to check inside the mouth.
  • Dentist uses small drills to reach out inside the tooth, by creating a breach on the top of the teeth. The pulp which is carrying bacteria is drilled out. A series of files with increasing diameter are there to reach out the hole. He takes in the help of small files to remove away the decayed part of the teeth. The edges are shaped by him, he files to shape up the interior and root and wet the chamber with water to wash away lingering pulp from there. An antimicrobial solution might also be used to exterminate the inner bacteria in there.
  • A rubber like material like gutta percha is also used after the inside of the teeth is completely cleaned and dried. The opening of the teeth is left open until the crown is fixed into it.
  • A restoration is placed in the top of the teeth after few days, dentist checks in the condition of the natural teeth, in order to place the crown the condition of the roots are checked in.
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Advantages Of Root Canals Are As Follows

  • Immense toothache from damage of teeth can be unbearable. Sleepless night, headache and sometimes one may feel dizzy. After the root canal is done you will no longer need ice packs or pain killer.
  • Root canal involves abrading the entire bacteria that infects inside the tooth; it retards the further growth of microbes.
  • Chewing and masticating becomes quite easier with this.
  • Root canal is done when tooth is extracted. When root canal is done, the pulp tissue is removed, which relieves the patient form the intense pain. After this the tooth doesn’t have any major role to play but stays in the mouth.
  • If dentist has prescribed you that root canal therapy is the process that your teeth can be saved then you are right. So if your teeth are totally affected by bacteria or decay then this is the one you can rely over.

But You Will Like To Know About The Success Rate Of Root Canals?

Possibly the treatment comes out to be successful, it ranges from 85 to 95 %. Tooth remains stable when it is fixed with root canal. Like you know final step of root canal is done by placing crown and a filling.

Root Canal Prevention

So if you need to protect your teeth from this process then try brushing your teeth after every meal. If you are into sports try wearing mouth guards.

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