Tooth-Colored & White Dental Fillings in Duncanville, Dallas TX

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tradition tells us that in the bygone days teeth were filled in by different metals, but nowadays people are most conscious about aesthetics, most of them prefer the fillings to be natural.

Dentist is using composite resins and porcelains; these are considered as safe and conventional. So if you are opting for some kind of natural looking teeth then there are some ways:

How Plastic Resin Can Help You To Get The Natural Look?

Enamel is the hardest natural material everyone has it. This consists of the hard layer of crystals; this layer does not have any living tissues.

Dentin forms the next layer but it has cells and having tissues, it is similar to the bone and porous in nature. It has microscopic tubes of collagen with calcium deposits in it. This feeling is transmitted into the nerve tissues lying in the center of the teeth. To make it look alike dental composite resins are common in non- amalgam fillings.


Metallic fillings or amalgam are generally fixed into it. They serve as protection. Nowadays dentist has discovered new ways of bonding substantial to make the teeth grow strong and protected.

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Renewal Of The Missing Teeth

If you want to restore teeth, good resin materials are required to restore the missing teeth. It not only looks but functions naturally at the same time.

Direct And Semi Direct Or Indirect Reinstatement

This is process to heal up the damage in the teeth. Each has own pros and cons.


Direct fillings

When depression is formed due to cavities in the mouth it slowly starts eroding. Resin like feeling is applied with the help of special kind of lights and it gets healed up by the time you come back home.


Semi-Direct Fillings

If your mouth has larger gaps then it needs to be restored, once the restoration is done by using tooth colored filling, it can also use CAD/CAM to generate inlays.

Advantages Of Tooth Colored Filling

  • Tooth-colored filing helps to restore tooth problem and enhance appearance much better than before.
  • If you have undergone old metal fillings then its time that you shift to natural tooth colored fillings.
  • Silver amalgam has the tendency to expand and contract along with the temperatures. So if it constantly expand and contract then it can exert pressure into the mouth causing the teeth to break ,but applying tooth-colored filling wont expand and contract and hence it is safe.
    Tooth-colored filling are bonded to the teeth to refurbish its strength and power.
  • Silver amalgam filling tends to change its color gradually making it look grayish in nature, but tooth-color filing doesn’t do not fade its own color.
  • It is long lasting and durable in nature. It may last long for at least five years.
  • They bond to the tooth structures chemically and hence slots, grooves, pins are not required.
  • Sensitivity of teeth does not increase much. But remains as it should be.
  • The best thing about it is, it can be repaired if it gets damaged.

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How Is The Composite Resin Placed?

The placed need not needs to be numbed; the decayed region is plucked off by the dentist. Then bonding agent is placed into it. Curing prepares the bonding agent to hold fast to the tooth colored filling material. The material is placed inside the tooth and after the shape is formed dentist uses the natural anatomy to fix it, he can take the help of some special kind of light. If the area swells up then dentist will prescribe to floss regularly to minimize the gap between the teeth.

Sometimes People Also Use Non-tooth Colored Alternatives Like

  • Gold Inlays – It is quite long lasting, though the cost is high but you can opt out for this.
  • Dental Amalgam – This is strong enough and can be used as per requirement. It is long lasting and durable in nature.

So when you go for tooth-colored filling consult with your dentist what’s best for you to get the perfect result. Make sure about its strength and efficiency.

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