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Your toothbrush is the most necessary tool in your home to maintain your teeth pearly white & healthy. If used twice a day, your toothbrush will help you clear off tooth decay, gum disease, and also bad breath. Brushing has a vital role to play in your daily life. Unchecked gum infection is the reason for tooth loss for adults.

Our dentist says that every patient asks us; how to clean a toothbrush properly and use them. We provide knowledge to our patients about everything they can do to maintain their oral hygiene. Be it the proper way of brushing & flossing or eating habits. 

To Brush or Not to Brush

Keeping your teeth clean is about clearing plaque from settling on your teeth. Plaque is fed by the sugars you eat, casting acids that break tooth enamel & scrape the gums, which become swollen & tender. Cleaning teeth can help eliminate gum disease in the early stages. Otherwise, gum bags can form, letting bacteria ruin the supportive bone keeping the teeth in place until they fall out.

Breaking Down the Toothbrush

There are three types of toothbrushes: soft, medium, and firm. The dentist recommended a soft-bristled brush to protect tooth enamel and exposed gum tissue. Small brush heads serve your mouth better than large ones so, you can clean near the molars too. Bristle designs come in varieties, like flat bristles or rippled bristles, so pick one that feels right for you and as per your requirement.

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes are easy and effective, but many people prefer an electric version over a manual one for ease. Kids do not have the skills to use an ordinary toothbrush, so it is better to provide them with an electric toothbrush. Senior citizens also can effectively clean their teeth using an electric toothbrush. Only 2-3 minutes of brushing is enough twice a day.

Caring for Your Toothbrush

Keep your toothbrush vertical in an open container so it can dry out after you finish brushing. Never allow anyone to use your toothbrush, even with healthy family members. Wash or rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after every use. Our dentist in Dallas recommends using a toothbrush for about 4 to 6 months. You must change your toothbrush with a new soft-bristled one.

Brushing your teeth has many benefits & offers you a healthy & beautiful smile. You need to make sure that you brush all around your teeth, front, back, side for about 2-3 minutes twice a day. 

Dental Care Office In Dallas

Every dentist will recommend you get a dental exam done to keep your oral health up to date. Take professional preventive dental care from experts in Dallas to get your oral hygiene checked.

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