We are all aware of the food items that are good for our pearly whites. From calcium-enriched products to dairy items, the list is endless. But are you aware of the food items that can cause damage to your oral health? You will be surprised to know that we consume these items almost every day. Our dentists at Village Family Dental have compiled a list for better clarity and improved knowledge. Let us take a look at the list and find out what to avoid.

Which Food Items Are Bad For Your Teeth?

There are so many facts about our teeth that we are unaware of. The food that we eat daily plays an important role in maintaining the health of our teeth. It can deteriorate our dental condition or improve it considerably. Regulate the consumption of the food items mentioned below to enjoy good oral hygiene.

Sugary Food Items And Beverages

We are all aware of the harmful effects of sugar. Since childhood, we have been taught to cut down on our sugar consumption. It is not just bad for our overall health, but our oral health as well. The bacteria present in our mouths love sugar and feed on it. As a result, they produce a kind of acid that ultimately leads to tooth decay. Reduce your sugar intake. This will automatically reduce the amount of time you spend in your dentist’s chair.

Certain Fruits

Most of us enjoy our oranges and can’t stop raving about their benefits for our bodies. But, did you know that citric fruits can be harmful to your teeth? Citric acid can lead to enamel erosion due to which you could suffer from tooth sensitivity. Remember to rinse your mouth after consuming them. The water will help to wash down the acid and reduce the chances of corrosion. If you love drinking the juice of these fruits, then you must use a straw to avoid any damage.


Enjoy munching on ice? Well, ice cubes are terrible for your teeth. Just like citrus fruits. Ice can also erode your enamel. You might suffer from loose teeth and speed up the process of tooth decay. You can switch to chilled water instead.


Yes, you read it right. Bread can do more harm than good to your oral health. Your saliva breaks down the starch present in your bread. Often this starch can stick onto the surfaces of your teeth and accumulate in inaccessible areas of your mouth. This leads to several oral health complications in the future. You can eat whole wheat versions of the bread. It contains less sugar and is a less damaging alternative.


Consuming alcohol in large quantities can be extremely harmful to your teeth. It reduces saliva production and might even lead to halitosis. Alcohol is a big no-no since it stains your pearly whites and can lead to tooth discoloration. You will notice your dentist asking you to avoid tobacco and alcohol after every dental procedure and especially after a teeth whitening treatment. Just minimize your alcohol consumption to maintain good oral health.

We hope this list will help you to be more mindful of what you eat. Are you looking for the best dental care services in Dallas, TX? Book an appointment with us at Village Family Dental today! Your favorite dentist in Duncanville will take care of all your dental needs and provide you with ultimate comfort.


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