tooth extraction

It is one of the most feared dental procedures for human history! Tooth extraction is the mechanism by which a badly affected tooth is extracted to maintain oral health and esthetics. For America alone, thousands of people need a tooth extraction, as you read it.

Upon loss of a tooth, it is replaced by a dental implant or bridge. If the tooth to be removed lies in the back of the mouth, some people might even consider staying toothless. It, however, leads to bone loss and other complications. Thinking of complications, what are the complications initially causing tooth extraction?

1. An Impacted Tooth

If you’ve got a broken, chipped or split tooth, it sure looks bad! This isn’t all, however. A tooth that is badly injured reveals the pulp, decreasing the strength of the tooth. In fact, splitting in a tooth can also lead to oral illness. A broken tooth can also cause sharp edges causing oral injuries. Therefore, getting it removed and replaced is the safest.

2. Dental Caries

Dental caries is one of the most leading causes of tooth extraction. ‘Overall, about 60-90% of schoolchildren and approximately 100% of adults have tooth decay, often contributing to pain and discomfort,’ according to FDI. To avoid the pain and discomfort associated with a badly infected tooth, the infected tooth must be removed.

3. Wisdom Teeth

Every year, 10 million wisdom teeth are removed. It makes removal of the wisdom tooth the leading cause of tooth extraction by far. There is however a common misconception that a tooth of wisdom must be removed. This is not true!

Many wisdom teeth cause pain but still spurt well balanced. Whether it’s necessary to remove a wisdom tooth depends on how the tooth is coming out. If your tooth of wisdom stops causing pain after it comes out and is well aligned, you may not need to remove your wisdom tooth.

4. Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned dentures may be affected by two causes. First, they’ve already shown signs of misalignment but you’ve never been orthodontic. Second, you may have lost a lot of bone under your gums, leaving your teeth loose and misaligned.

Misalignment can cause overcrowding which could lead to multiple oral problems, including cavities and deterioration of the tooth. So, it is safe to have removed misaligned teeth.

Remember that your current and future oral health depends on how your tooth is extracted and so we suggest that an experienced dentist does this. If you’re in Duncanville TX, get the best tooth extraction dentist in just one press!

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