Dental Warranty

What is Dental Warranty?

If you’ve ever had to pay to get a filling fixed, a new crown due to a crack/chip/fracture, a broken denture or partial, a pet chewed your night guard or retainer, retreated root canal, or implant replaced we understand this can be frustrating.

Not with us! No more having to deal with insurance or paying out of pocket for a repair or replacement. At Village Family Dental, we offer a warranty on our work. That means your New Smile is protected for several years. The only catch is you as the patient will need to keep up with your regular checkups. That’s it! It is that easy!

The following procedures are covered and protected:

A Dental Warranty applies to treatment Dr. Paul recommends and will not apply to procedures that will have a low success rate. For example: If Dr. Paul recommends a crown but the patient wants a large filling, the filling will not be covered under warranty. Dental Warranty does not cover procedures not listed such as extractions and deep cleaning therapy. For more information about the Dental Warranty please contact our office.

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