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Teeth Whitening

What One Should Know About Teeth Whitening Procedure?

​It has been noted that a person’s life centers around having two types of teeth color ranging from white, whitish-blue, or sometimes stained. Greet people with bright smiles and be confident with them.

​Teeth whitening is the refurbishment of natural tooth shade or making it more white beyond natural shades, which is possible by avoiding foods that might causes stains in the tooth, like coffee, tea smoking in-taking tobacco. It can be achieved by undergoing some dental process like “scaling” or polishing”.

​As persons start to age gradually teeth become darker due to mineral layers in the tooth and deficient phosphate contains.

​Attempts made in earlier times to keep teeth white by Romans used goat milk and urine to keep their teeth white.

“Clean the teeth gently with a mixture of honey and burnt salt to which some vinegar has been added” as recommended by Guy de Charlie. In 1877 oxalic acid followed by calcium hypochlorite was used for teeth whitening.

Dr.Paul Hung helps to improve the smile by using some teeth whitening techniques to remove stains and discoloration. Like professional teeth whitening has undergone the usage of whitening gel to remove stains from teeth.


By Using Some Professional Technique We Can Wear A Whiter And Brighter Smiles

Discolorations Occur Due To Two Main Reasons

  • Ill maintenance of dental hygiene habits.
  • The Natural aging process.

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Bleaching An Effective Way For Teeth Whitening

Dissatisfied with the stained tooth? Yellowish hue makes u feel discouraged or maybe you just feel unfit to socialize. This is one of the easiest and inexpensive preferred ways for teeth whitening. Though this is not a permanent technique one can dazzle his day with a bright smile.

Bleaching products contain carbamide peroxide or maybe the breakdown product hydrogen peroxide, which helps to remove deep extrinsic stains from teeth. The concentration of this hydrogen peroxide can vary from 15 to 35%, as prescribed by the dentist.

Opting out this process, one should be careful of the following:

  • This is not a permanent solution for teeth whitening. It lasts for six months finally results in fading out.
  • Foods and drinks that may cause teeth staining should be avoided.
  • Due to the existence of crowns and bridgework, dentist sometimes uses bleaching gel to five the proper result.
Dr. Paul Hung with his patient

Whiten Up Your Teeth With Little Science

If teeth are viewed under a microscope then we will probably find the hard outer layer which we call enamel. This layer may appear smooth and hard in our naked eyes.

To remove stains dentist uses a chemical that intercedes underneath the layers of teeth where stains generally occur.

Hydrogen peroxide is an active material that reacts and causes oxidation and helps to break the stained compounds. Dentists generally deject the use of teeth whitening toothpaste because it may destroy teeth sensitivity.

There are some natural methods for teeth whitening: With the usage of malic acid, teeth get whitened from discoloration. Juice of apple (preferably green apple) or strawberries helps to maintain the color of teeth. But stains can appear within the first few months.

So to keep it white, there are some multiple treatments:

  • Having chewing gum
  • Brushing and flossing after every meal.
  • Visiting dentist for touch-ups
  • Treating plaque

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