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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction In Duncanville, Dallas TX - Quick, Painless, Affordable

Decaying wisdom tooth and having chipped tooth can be painful for you.

Dr. Paul Hung performs extractions when curative treatments are not enough to save the tooth. Diligent care is taken to avoid infections and reduce any inflammation.

Extraction can save tooth decay, impacted wisdom teeth if you are having periodontal diseases or impacted wisdom teeth. Schedule a same-day appointment or call @ (972) 780-1919 to get your tooth extracted with advanced technology from Dr.Paul Hung.

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I’m Scared Of The Dentist

You are not alone. There are many adults that suffer from dental anxiety. This is why Dr. Paul offers and recommends oral sedation dentistry

Will There Be A Hole?

Over a period of two weeks, the gums in a healthy adult will start to close the hole (socket). It is recommended by Dr. Paul to have a bone graft placed at the same time as a tooth extraction to help preserve the walls of the bone should you decide to go with a dental implant in the future.

What Is A Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a material placed into the socket of an extracted tooth made up of either the patient’s own bone, the bone of another human or the bone of a cow. The bone graft provides support for implants, bridges and dentures.

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