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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom tooth you can also call this as third molar, but you can also tell this as people gains wisdom this teeth generally grows between 17 to 25 adults have this wisdom teeth in one of each of the four quadrants. But as it grows the adjacent teeth gets affected.


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Signs To Understand About Wisdom Teeth

  • The pain becomes too intense that is makes its presence felt.
  • The pain generally occurs at the back of your mouth, behind molars.
  • The area in which you are having gets inflamed and swells up in pain.
  • But for some it’s smooth that you cannot sense anything.

Sometimes the pain can linger in the mouth whereas for others when you chew and masticate the food, it may starts paining. Try not to fidget the area; it’s better to pluck the tooth off before it comes out as a major issue.



  • The pain becomes intense which generally increases with time and makes it grow crooked, exerting pressure in the nerves and bone.
  • Apart from the swelling, the area gets sensitive and delicate and gradually the bacteria starts to breed in it, which further result in infection.
  • If the side jaw bone or the adjacent teeth block the teeth from coming out, it cause tremendous pain in there. The wisdom teeth have become impacted; causing swelling and bad breathe. This needs to be immediately plucked off, if left untreated then cysts, tumors and major issues can occur.

Let’s See How It Works

  • Our moth grows in 28 teeth, but when in addition to this we all grow 32 pairs of teeth. In the ancient times this was of immense necessity when people in take rougher diets, like reeds or sticks but in this rapid social change our diet has become quiet edible and these teeth are no longer required like old times.
  • But this helps to chew your food just as molars function in our mouth. The food mixes well with the saliva and helps to digest it thoroughly.
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Impacted Teeth Can Be Classified By Some Factors Like

  • Directions, depth of impaction, the amount of existing space for tooth upsurge, the amount of tissues and bones that is available in there. Dentist can understand the condition of it and whether it requires to be removed or not.
  • Wisdom teeth can be erupted as ordinary teeth in the mouth. If the tooth is impacted, then the treatment can be restricted to the infected tissues overlying the impaction.

How Can You Treat The Pain?

Dentist knows the way to extract teeth, by applying little amount of local anesthesia. If the teeth have already been removed from the surface of the gum then, extraction would be less painful and less complicated. But if the teeth are impacted then the process becomes complicated to remove the teeth.

In certain cases the tooth needs to be cut into several pieces to reclaim as much bone as possible. This lowers the risk to affect the nerve tissues.

Dentist nowadays prescribe to remove wisdom teeth to better their oral health. But if your teeth are paining and you are in dire need to mitigate it then contact us.

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