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Everyone in their childhood has been taught not to do certain things to their teeth as not to damage them. For some time that did work, but as we grew old, not only did some of us start doing those things, but we took it to next level and made them a habit. If repeated those habits can cause a lot of severe damage to our teeth and gums. To know more about those habits which you must avoid, read on to learn some of the worse habits that the best medical professional would suggest you quit to preserve your smile.

Biting Your Finger Nails

Many of us are guilty of doing this while sitting and doing nothing. When you are tensed or just sitting you start biting your nails. All the parents have told their children to stop doing right away. As you go through the day, you pick up a lot of bacteria from everything you’ve touched or if you have a small cut in your mouth, putting your fingers may not only get you sick but create an infection. So, for the sake of your oral health care, quit or try to avoid biting your nails.

Night Binge Eating 

After a hectic day, it is so tempting to just sit on a couch and watch a favorite movie while eating everything. Although this is fine, yet, binge eating can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Even if it’s healthy food, it can still lead to cavities and poor oral health.

Chewing Or Smoking Tobacco

You can’t ignore the fact that tobacco &  smoking has negative effects on your oral health but people still use them every day. This habit often becomes a deadly addiction all thanks to the chemicals present in tobacco. Yet, if a person does not quit, it can lead to severe health issues.

Never Open Packages With Your Teeth

Yes, you heard it right opening packages and removing tags with your teeth can save your time but sometimes it is better to spend 5 extra minutes finding scissors rather than using your teeth. Although it may seem harmless, ripping plastic can not only cut your gum but can also break or chip your tooth.

Drinking Acidic Drinks

Every dentist would suggest you some tips to have healthy teeth and gums, & one of them will be to avoid acidic drinks.  Many of those drinks do have some benefits. Yet, too much of anything can quickly lead to some serious health issues. Acidy drinks can cause the decay of your teeth faster than it would normally take.

Too Much Caffeine

No doubt coffee is delicious and sipping that first cup makes your morning a good morning. However, too much coffee intake can cause your teeth to stain into a dull yellow color. That is why most patients are looking for teeth whitening services.

Not Brushing Or Flossing Daily

Usually, the habits that you don’t do make a huge difference to your oral health. Through daily brushing and flossing, you can avoid further damage to your teeth and gums.

Teeth Grinding

When people get nervous their habits come out, for instance, some start tapping fingers on the desk, shaking the leg, or the worst grinding their teeth. This can start to chip teeth & a person could also lose their enamel. In this case, you must speak with your oral health doctor and see what choices you have to stop this habit.

Harsh Brushing Of Your Teeth

This is a popular belief that brushing harder is going to make your teeth look cleaner & whiter. You are not doing good to yourself by brushing harder, in fact, you are hurting yourself. When you brush too hard the bristles of your toothbrush quickly start cutting your gums without you even realizing it. Next thing you know, you’re spitting out blood. Gentle brushing in a circular manner is the best way.

As humans, we are regularly developing bad oral habits throughout our lifetime. Bad habits are unintentional, but oral habits can cause problems, pain, and cost you a lot of money.

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