Why to Choose Dental Implant over Dental Bridges?

Are you suffering from missing tooth? Afraid to smile! There are ways to restore your smile back. However, the question that props up is which is better for you: dental implant or bridge.

Compared to bridges, dental implant has its own benefit.

Dental Implants-or-bridges

Overview of implant:

Implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically situated into the jawbone underneath your gums.

  1. Durability

The dental implant is more durable than a bridge, providing protection that will last long for a longer period in your life. Implants are made up of the metal cylinder like titanium, which smoothly fuses to the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. The metal is so strong and durable is resistant to decay and gum problems.

Whereas dental bridge will last up to ten years, as a portion of your natural tooth remains underneath it.

  1. Long-term solution

The dental implant is cost-effective and used for longer period of time, and need not be replaced periodically, whereas dental bridge needs to be replaced time and again.

  1. Protects jaw bone

A dental implant will shield your jawbone and will preserve natural bone growth, which helps to prevent bone loss.

This varies from the fixed permanent bridge, which is another method for replacing alone missing tooth or filling a small crack left by a few missing teeth. That technique entails that crowns have to be placed on adjacent teeth to hold the prosthetic tooth, in place.

  1. Aesthetic purpose

The dental implant looks like a natural tooth and function in a more strong and stable way.

But bridges are not like implants and neither aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Does not affect other teeth

The dental implant is different from a permanent bridge; it stands free requiring no support from the neighboring teeth. It preserves the biological tooth material.

Dental bridge undergoes a lot of preparation that requires the removal of a considerable amount of tooth structure.

  1. Requires low maintenance

The dental implant does not require maintenance, like the dental bridge, whereas dental bridge needs to be replaced periodically. Brushing and flossing with the dental implant is easier and helps to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Choosing implant over bridges is a smart solution which will help to restore your lost smile back in much more preferable way. Contact us @(214) 643-8146 know the reimbursement and feel safe.

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