Sensitive Teeth After a Teeth Whitening Session? Follow these 5 Must-Dos

Teeth whitening helps us to keep up with our dental aesthetic values, but that tingling sensation has troubled most of us after the completion of the process. Eating or drinking anything becomes a huge problem with sensitive teeth, but as they say, there is a solution to everything.

Sensitive Teeth Problems


We have explained some of the most advantageous tips to get rid of sensitive teeth after a teeth whitening session. Thus, go through each of them and know what are the exact measures that are needed to be taken.


Brush with a Suitable Toothpaste: Brushing your teeth with a desensitizing toothpaste turns out to be the best option after getting your teeth whitened. In fact, start using it a week before the session for best results. It will stop the weird feeling from emerging to some extent.


Don’t Wash the Toothpaste Immediately: We generally rinse our mouth as soon we get done with brushing, but do not follow the same in case teeth whitening has left you with sensitive teeth. Leave the desensitizing toothpaste for a few minutes in your mouth and then wash it. This will reduce the tingling sensation.


No Caffeine or Tea for Two Days: Yes, this could be a little difficult for those who literally cannot do with their morning tea or coffee. But it’s better to avoid those for at least two days after the teeth whitening procedure. Try not to drink anything hot rather because it could trigger or elevate the feeling of sensitivity.


Say No to Vigorous Brushing Techniques: This should be followed every time you brush and not just when your teeth are sensitive. Brushing with a lot of force damages the teeth and gums completely, and also make sure to go for toothbrushes which are made out of soft bristles. They are more effective and do not poke your gums while brushing.


Don’t Use an Excessive Amount of Whitening Agent: Register this point in your mind if you are willing to use a teeth whitening kit and go ahead with the process at home. You may feel that using an excessive amount of whitening agent will yield better results but it is not what you think. This might lead to sensitive teeth and you certainly would not want to go through that bizarre feeling.

You feel happy looking at you twinkling teeth after a teeth whitening sesSensitive Teethsion, however, that weird sensation stands as a hindrance to your happiness. But a few simple measures can kill the sensitivity. Hopefully, these points will help you out in such situations. Call us at (214) 643-8146 to know more about tooth sensitivity.


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